Pure Honey Face Mask

Oh the benefits of honey!

It's not only good for the insides but it's also good for the outside! Honey is antibacterial and it's a humectant. It pulls moisture from the air and binds to it. 
I use honey for multiple purposes. My favorite use is as a facial mask. Just take pure honey and apply it to a clean face. Leave it on for at least 10 mins. Even longer would be wonderful. Honey is water soluble so it washes right off with just plain old water. Your skin feels like heaven! 
Here's a very informative link on the benefits and uses of honey. 

I learned that you can use honey on a wound for antibiotic salve. Now how neat is that?!?


A polish for stainless steel kitchen appliances that works!!!

I have stainless steel kitchen appliances. I love them but I hate the streaks and prints! I've been through an endless supply of products that SAY they clean and polish with no streaks. Righttttttt!
After much aggravation I stumbled across something on the web awhile back that saved me from pulling my hair out and saved me money.

Olive oil & a paper towel

Who'd a thunk!?! And it works awesome! Wash the surface with a damp rag to get off the dirt, wait until it dries or dry it yourself, then using the aforementioned paper towel and a drop or two of the olive oil, wipe away till your surface is shiny, streak and print free. If you need more oil only use a drop or two at a time.
I am certain that olive oil works. Other oils may work as well, I don't see why not.


Zebra Print Cake!

I had a request for a cake this week from a sweet lady. Since we are taking a breather between 2nd and 3rd grade I decided to do it. I actually kept up the the time to do this one and itemized out the money for ingredients. Can you believe I had $41.43 just in ingredients in this cake?!?
12 hours went into the making of it! The sweet lady paid me well and for that I am very grateful! I hope they have a wonderful time tonight at the party.


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Well, Spring has finally sprung.  Thank God for beautiful sunshine!

We've been super busy this week! Drama practice, pottery class, church, an Easter party, making costumes, decorating cupcakes and a small cake for my mom's birthday,

putting up props for Drama,  and (drumroll please!!!) finishing 2nd grade this week!!!!

WOO HOO!!! (Do a little jig!)

I went into this week thinking that there was NO WAY that I could achieve everything that was necessary to do. So far God's given me the strength and energy to do so! He's certainly been by my side!

Have a wonderful Easter and remember that He AROSE!


New Recipe posted!!! Peanut Butter Cookies!

I've been meaning to post this Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe for a while and just kept forgetting... Imagine that! Click here and it's the 1st recipe. Its the easiest & fastest cookie recipe I've ever seen. We have these almost weekly at the Hayes house. I wish chocolate chip cookies were this easy!
Let me know how you like them:)


March Winds! Pinwheel CRAZY!

It's finally March and spring is almost here! (applause!) At last sunshine, green leaves, and daffodils! Did I mention wind?!? Most days out here in the open country it's gale force at times. When it's tamed down we'll have to get our kites out! The boys would enjoy that.
I've been browsing pinterest for ideas... (One of my favorite past times:) on what to do for Drew's birthday. I've come across pinwheels! Oh my goodness! Why have I never done these before?!? I'm in love with them! LOL! I've gone pinwheel crazy here in the house. There are pinwheel's in the kitchen, pinwheels in the school room, and pinwheels in my craft room! Such happy little things. They make me smile.
So go ahead and go get your materials and make some pinwheels. Let the kid in you come to life again.


So Happy New Year! 2013!!!

Who would've thought that we'd ever make it all the way to 2013! I'm looking forward to the blessings that God has in store and I plan on being steadfast and solid through any unforeseen adversity!
I thank God for my best friends and for ladies that I was privileged to meet this past year!

I apologize for not posting much this past year... I'd sit down and work on it for a while and when I got back to my computer the boys (or Shane) had gotten out of my program. I'm going to try blogging from my iPad and see if it's any better.

We took a couple vacations this past year that I haven't posted pics from. Bear with me as I share pictures from our last trip. Over the Christmas holidays we traveled to Florida and left the boys with Grammy and Papaw for a week while we cruised to faraway lands. Sounds wonderful right? It was!
We traveled to Miami and boarded the Carnival Valor. She took us to Cozumel and we ferried over to the mainland of Mexico and toured the Mayan ruins at Tulum. Then we stopped at Jamaica and saw the sights there. The sand was most interesting in Jamaica. It was just small rocks and bits of shell and coral, at least the secluded beach we were at did. I enjoyed taking pics of the flora and fauna of the ocean there. On we went to Grand Cayman. Our favorite stop! The water was so blue! That's where the "pirate" ship was. Hope you enjoy the pictures that I took on the trip! I enjoyed every minute of it!