Drew's 7th Birthday Bash was a Blast!

Butter Butter(no I didn't stutter) cupcakes with real buttercream icing. Rice crispy treat ball balanced on an empty cup. And a vase of Jello, the green were in squares bottom and top. The blue was just poured in.

Blow, baby, blow... Don't spit.

Alicia with one of our homemade bouncy balls.

Then we had a building contest. The materials were marshmallows and toothpicks.

They took to it better than I thought! Of course I had prizes for the best one!

Rachael at the ice cream sunday bar.

Me being silly

Go, Sis Loveta!

Look at that train!

Then we had a race... Who's wind up could reach the finish line? The chick keep going in circles. LOL!

Back at he construction table, Wes won 1st place.
Emily and Hailey came in 2nd

Chasity and Hannah came in 3rd!

Chas really liked this! She just kept going!

Meanwhile, back in the hallway, the bunny is still taking 1st:)
Rachael's at it again too!

Gasp! Do my eyes deceive me??? Little chicky in 1st!!! Hooray!

Back at the table... Rachael has finished her creation.  The head of a T-Rex!

Clean up

This was after Drew woke up this morning. He just HAD to open up the present on the coffee table!

And he helped me in the kitchen...

Licking the batter bowl clean

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  1. Mom was telling me about the party and she started getting all excited again! Wish we could have been there. Tell Drew we love him and Tucker too. See you guys soon! :)