Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Well, Spring has finally sprung.  Thank God for beautiful sunshine!

We've been super busy this week! Drama practice, pottery class, church, an Easter party, making costumes, decorating cupcakes and a small cake for my mom's birthday,

putting up props for Drama,  and (drumroll please!!!) finishing 2nd grade this week!!!!

WOO HOO!!! (Do a little jig!)

I went into this week thinking that there was NO WAY that I could achieve everything that was necessary to do. So far God's given me the strength and energy to do so! He's certainly been by my side!

Have a wonderful Easter and remember that He AROSE!


New Recipe posted!!! Peanut Butter Cookies!

I've been meaning to post this Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe for a while and just kept forgetting... Imagine that! Click here and it's the 1st recipe. Its the easiest & fastest cookie recipe I've ever seen. We have these almost weekly at the Hayes house. I wish chocolate chip cookies were this easy!
Let me know how you like them:)


March Winds! Pinwheel CRAZY!

It's finally March and spring is almost here! (applause!) At last sunshine, green leaves, and daffodils! Did I mention wind?!? Most days out here in the open country it's gale force at times. When it's tamed down we'll have to get our kites out! The boys would enjoy that.
I've been browsing pinterest for ideas... (One of my favorite past times:) on what to do for Drew's birthday. I've come across pinwheels! Oh my goodness! Why have I never done these before?!? I'm in love with them! LOL! I've gone pinwheel crazy here in the house. There are pinwheel's in the kitchen, pinwheels in the school room, and pinwheels in my craft room! Such happy little things. They make me smile.
So go ahead and go get your materials and make some pinwheels. Let the kid in you come to life again.