Happy Thanksgiving to all!

 Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

It's been forty forever since I've posted anything! So I'll just give you a taste of what's been going on around the Hayes House.
We are in the process of adding on a garage and a laundry/craft room.
The boys are schooling. We are exactly 1/2 way thru the yr.
A trip to the zoo last month provided fun and great pics!

Ostrich toes!

Reminds me of someone!

My little buddy for the day.

WE had an awesome time with the Vicksburg group at the Pumpkin Patch!!!


 Abstract Art with Crayons
 First, we decided what colors we wanted our paintings to be.
We peeled the paper off and used a pencil sharpener to get our shavings.
 All ready! Here we go!
 We didn't know what to expect... The boys made designs on the paper. 
I used watercolor paper.
 I had the paper setting on a sheet of wax paper and I placed a second piece on top.
I set the iron on not so hot... whatever that is:)
Drew got the camera:)

 I ended up adding some orange to the boys'.

I think it was fun and easy... You can keep manipulating the wax in different ways.
I turned the heat up all the way and turned on the steam.
I removed the wax paper put flecks of bright orange and yellow all over mine. Keeping the iron right above the surface of the paper and making sure not to touch, I melted the crayon pieces. It added just the right touch.

We did these last week.


And for those who are interested...
On the Home Recipes link I have posted a new 
No Cook No Grate Liquid Laundry Detergent Recipe
Go have a look!


The Journey back to Happiness

Lately I've found myself with the humdrums... I know you say WHAT?!? 
And I found myself trending toward the critical side of things.
This is not me and I don't want it to be me!
Therefore I launched:

I started with 5 or 6 lady friends and my brother, Mike...  
and I made a Smile and sent it out as a text everyday.  
Then it grew to about 20 ladies. I do hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.
The whole point being, to start seeing the good and the happy in everyday life.  
Here are some of the pics that I sent out each day... 
I hope they bring a smile to your face:) 

Laundry smile! Cut up Fels soap.

 This was the cat hair I got off of my Bible reading chair.
Dehydrated oranges, lemons, and apple slices.

This is a cheater pic... I tried for 3 mornings to do this in my coffee and never
did get it to work!

Aunt Julie sent me this pic when I was late sending one out. 
Truth be known... I sure needed a smile myself that day! 
Thanks Julie Bug!