My Baby Boy's Birthday is March 23rd!
Happy Birthday, Drew!!!

Turning 7 already. Wow!  I'm so proud of you!

Lifting those weights.

Drew's best friend, Duke.

Losin' those teeth, hmm, son?

This was inspiration from Calvin and Hobbes. My boys read it like the bible.

My very Favorite pic... A boy and his dad.

Catchin' anything, Drew?

The first time he ever REALLY skated.  Now he loves it!

Lil Critter
Born: 03/23/05   Weighed:6.6lbs This is terrible but I can't remember exact length right now:( 19 1/2" ?

Look at that hair!

...but MOM.... They're toooooo tight!

How could you NOT just adore this face?!?

Watch out criminals!!!

And he zoomed toward the camera!!!

He looks soooo innocent. I can tell you some stories!

 We are ALWAYS CooL! Huh, Drew?
Tucker did it

Take a picture of me, Mom!

My early days in caking
Where in the world we got a girl pullup from... I have no idea...
I guess you can say Drew loves hats.


  1. Am I first? Am I first? I really wanted to be first! And what a wonderful thing to be first for!!!! To wish Drew an extremely wonderful & super exciting HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love the trip down memory lane - made me cry. Loved it so much I went through it twice. Love the happy hair and glamour shoes. (I won't mention the pull-up-on-the-head routine!)I hope you have the best birthday ever and I have just one word of advice. Now that you are becoming such a wonderful and thoughtful grown up young man you have to go easy on you mom. She may have a tendency to cry more and more each year on your birthday so you have to give her LOTS of sympathy kisses. The more pitiful she looks the more kisses you should give her. It'll make her feel better (plus it may cause her to get you more PRESENTS!!Hee!!Hee!!!:)
    Have a great day, Drew and enjoy every minute of your special day!!
    -Mrs. Vicki Kelly

  2. Happy birthday, Drewski! I sure do miss your Lil Critter Thistle Hair-do! I'm sure your Mom doesn't but It was always sooooooo much fun to play with when you were little! Hope you have a T-totally awesome birthday! Remember to put Jesus first in your life "....and all these things shall be added unto you." Love you bunches, Buddy!
    Sis. E and Crew ;)

  3. For him to be a little Casey now...he looked so much like his daddy when he was born! He is a trip! You have lots of fun with your kids Casey. They grow up much too fast!!!

    Happy Birthday Drew!!!!! I am looking forward to your birthday party tonight! What kind of cool cake did your mom make for you? Love you mucho!!! Aunt Chas