Fun Crafts!!!

                                              Bouncy BALLS from Balloons!!!

               These little balls are so cool! The boys (and I) had a blast bouncing them here in the house.
                                          I found this idea on

                                              My guess is that you can use any size balloon
                                        but we used the 9 inch balloons and for a larger ball,
                                                   the size above that. Not sure of the exact size.
                         You take the first balloon and put just enough water in it to fill it out barely.
                                             Then cut the "lips" (ha ha) off of the balloon.
                                            Take the 2nd balloon and cut the neck off of it.
Stretch the cut balloon out and over the water balloon.

                                   Keep adding balloons that are the same size and have been cut
                                                                     until you have a  thick
                               covering.  I used 7 or 8 balloons on this ball, but they were pretty thick.
                                          Note: I always put the open end into the other balloon.
Voila! Bounce away!