Celebrating 11 years of being in LoVe!!!

Shane and I are celebrating our 11th anniversary this month.
We were wed April 28, 2001.
Has life been perfect? NO!  But we have always been able to find ways of falling back in love with one another. 
 We took our anniversary trip early this month to San Antonio, Tx.
What a wonderful time we had!  We took our time walking the riverwalk day and night. Several times we sat out under the open sky and listened to live music.  Andean Fusion was the name. Just music. Not a word from a person to mess it up. Sigh... wonderful.
We ate at Texas Land and Cattle, an honor for a Louisiana girl, and at the Rainforest Cafe... Here's Shane with the monkey we sat in front of.  BTW the coconut shrimp was the bomb! Shane ordered a Volcano, which happens to be, a massive brownie in the shape of a mountain with ice cream on the inside and a sparkle thing coming out of the top.  Shane (happened) (ha) to leave the table when they delivered it to our table. They holler "VOLCANO!!!" all the way to the table.  ALL Eyes on me and the huge fatful brownie mountain.
Shane at the Wax museum kidding around.

Our moonlight ride with Doughboy the horse and Chester the Caddie.

Open theater with live performances at all times of the day.

A blooming Aloe Vera... honestly, I did not know they bloomed.

Me and Shane at the Imax seeing the Alamo.

Shane at Sea World

My magical moment with a butterfly

Shane almost touched the dolphin, that's his hand.

That's just 2 dolphins. They are super fast!

The Hemisphere or Tower of the America's

We went to the Natural Bridge Caverns and journeyed 180 feet into the interior of the earth.
We Had a GREAT time and I'm looking forward to the next 11 years and beyond!
I Love you, Shane! You are still the LOVE of my life!  With God we can make it through anything!