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I started out doing my own laundry detergent because of allergies I had developed... Someone in my household was allergic to one brand or another so I finally sat down and found a great recipe. It's super simple and the ingredients are easy to find.

Simple Laundry Detergent-powder form

Ingredients needed:

Fels Naptha soap-Walmart ( or a laundry soap...such as Zote - Big Lots.

Some people even use Dove soap if allergies are very sensitive.)

Super Washing Soda - made by Arm and Hammer -Kroger or Walmart ( Not the regular baking soda!)

Borax - Walmart or Kroger

*Oxiclean - Walmart - I use generic (Not a necessary ingredient but has added benefits)

You unwrap soap and chop up. This process is easier if the soap is dried out. But it's not necessary. I buy 5 or 6 at a time and just unwrap them when I put them in the cabinet. It smells great!

I usually chop it up about like this. When it's dry it just kind of crumbles when you cut it.

1 cup soap

1 cup washing soda

1 cup borax

* 1 scoop oxiclean

I started out using a blender for mixing it all together and after a year I burned it up. My wonderful hubby purchased me a Ninja and I've never looked back. Give me a Ninja ANY day for ANY job. That thing is the BOMB! You can get one at Walmart for a very decent price. Ok. I layer my ingredients Washing Soda goes in first, soap, then borax and oxiclean. I always double the recipe when I make it. You can add essential oils at this time or just use as is. It smells great already. This is not an exact science. Sometimes I add more soap or oxiclean. Whatever feels right at the time:) And just as a note... You don't have to blend it in a blender just chop it finer or grate it. I've never had a problem with the soap dissolving this way though.

Now for the BEST part!!!

Only 1 TABLESPOON for a regular load and 2 for a large or really grimy load!!!

This recipe works in an old fashioned washer but I've found out it is awesome for the new High Efficiency washers. It's very low on suds and that's what all the hoopla is about on the expensive soaps for the HE washers. Make your own container! This one was a former coffee creamer can.

No Cook or Grate Liquid Laundry Detergent

This is my new preferred laundry detergent. I love it! Saw it on internet somewhere... 
This is the easiest and cheapest recipe I've used.

3TBLS Borax
3 TBLS Washing Soda
2 TBLS Dawn Dish Soap
(the original blue)
4 cups of very hot water
1 gallon container
(I used a milk jug)

Use a funnel and put in 1st 3 ingredients. Pour in 4 cups of HOT water. Put on cap and shake to combine and dissolve.

The hot water popped out the little indention on the side of the jug.
BAhahaha!!! An outtie!
After I took a picture and text it to Kelley, Chasity, and Grammy:)
I added cool water until the water was almost to the top.
The bubbles will overflow to the top, so it's best to do this in the sink.
I use a half a cup for a regular load and a little oxiclean sometimes.
LOVE THIS! Smells great too!

Fabric Softener Extender
I love fabric softener. I have tried to use other things but always go back to my favorites. So I have come up with an extension that doubles store bought fabric softener no matter what brand.
Favorite brand Fabric Softener
1 gallon jug

I'm not sure of the exact measurements for each item. I pour 2 cups fabric softer, 2cups vinegar, 1 cup water. I do this until all the fabric softener is gone.  I am pleased with this recipe because I get the smell I like, no static, and the benefits of the vinegar. 
Hope you like!

Cleaning a Chandelier the EASY way!!!

Materials needed:
spray bottle
covering for floor or area directly under chandelier

My chandelier is over a monstrous tub so I need no covering underneath... Just pour alcohol in the spray bottle and spray on the chandelier. The dust will drip off with the alcohol and evaporate to leave no residue or finger prints. I was amazed at the simpleness of this dreaded chore. Make sure you have adequate ventilation.

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