The Journey back to Happiness

Lately I've found myself with the humdrums... I know you say WHAT?!? 
And I found myself trending toward the critical side of things.
This is not me and I don't want it to be me!
Therefore I launched:

I started with 5 or 6 lady friends and my brother, Mike...  
and I made a Smile and sent it out as a text everyday.  
Then it grew to about 20 ladies. I do hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.
The whole point being, to start seeing the good and the happy in everyday life.  
Here are some of the pics that I sent out each day... 
I hope they bring a smile to your face:) 

Laundry smile! Cut up Fels soap.

 This was the cat hair I got off of my Bible reading chair.
Dehydrated oranges, lemons, and apple slices.

This is a cheater pic... I tried for 3 mornings to do this in my coffee and never
did get it to work!

Aunt Julie sent me this pic when I was late sending one out. 
Truth be known... I sure needed a smile myself that day! 
Thanks Julie Bug!



  1. I loved your smiley faces! They certainly made me smile:)

  2. Thank you meboo:) and from now on I hope you find a 😊 in the simple things of life.

  3. Those ??'s Are supposed to be a smile.

  4. Thanks for posting this.
    Not only did it make me smile, but the picture of fels also made me remember that I have to make another batch of laundry soap! LOL