Abstract Art with Crayons
 First, we decided what colors we wanted our paintings to be.
We peeled the paper off and used a pencil sharpener to get our shavings.
 All ready! Here we go!
 We didn't know what to expect... The boys made designs on the paper. 
I used watercolor paper.
 I had the paper setting on a sheet of wax paper and I placed a second piece on top.
I set the iron on not so hot... whatever that is:)
Drew got the camera:)

 I ended up adding some orange to the boys'.

I think it was fun and easy... You can keep manipulating the wax in different ways.
I turned the heat up all the way and turned on the steam.
I removed the wax paper put flecks of bright orange and yellow all over mine. Keeping the iron right above the surface of the paper and making sure not to touch, I melted the crayon pieces. It added just the right touch.

We did these last week.


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