Lamp Shade Remake Tutorial

I have often seen the beautiful lamps at Hobby Lobby and longed to have one. But I'm too frugal to fork out the $ they asked for them.  I kept telling myself that there must be some way that I could make one. Well, I finally did it.  I love my new lamp! If you'd like to make your own here are the steps that I took to make this one.
Plain ol Lamp Shade

I bought the color toile (I checked the dictionary and that's right) that I needed. And I cut the length that I needed...  About   1 1/2" above and below the lamp extra.

Bunch the toile a bit along the length  and roll up the end a couple of times. Like so...

At the inside of the top of the lamp carefully put some hot glue. Keep in mind that it is toile and it's not very thick. So be extra careful with your fingers! Place the rolled up end of your toile strip here.

Ta Daa!

Get your lamp and place the shade securely back on the top.

 I cheated and bought a length of feather trim at Hobby Lobby.  5 ft for 9.99. I had a 40% off coupon.

All the feathers run side by side in one direction... or will if you smooth them that way. I stood the feathers up and glued them with the bottoms facing out. The beauty of the feather trim is that I could fluff the feathers up and down before the glue set up.  Clear as mud?

Heidi got her a feather.

Here ya go...
I made some simple black toile rosettes to adorn the top.
Leave a comment to let me know if you like it:) or if you'll try it.  Have fun!