A polish for stainless steel kitchen appliances that works!!!

I have stainless steel kitchen appliances. I love them but I hate the streaks and prints! I've been through an endless supply of products that SAY they clean and polish with no streaks. Righttttttt!
After much aggravation I stumbled across something on the web awhile back that saved me from pulling my hair out and saved me money.

Olive oil & a paper towel

Who'd a thunk!?! And it works awesome! Wash the surface with a damp rag to get off the dirt, wait until it dries or dry it yourself, then using the aforementioned paper towel and a drop or two of the olive oil, wipe away till your surface is shiny, streak and print free. If you need more oil only use a drop or two at a time.
I am certain that olive oil works. Other oils may work as well, I don't see why not.

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